Michael Coster Heller
Psychotherapist, Lausanne
Flesh of the Soul
The body we work with
Bern: Peter Lang, 2001
Body Psychotherapy:
history, concepts & methods
New York: W.W. Norton, 2012
Psychothérapies corporelles
Fondements et pratiques
Louvain: DeBoeck, 2008
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 The Flesh of the soul
Psychothérapies corporelles fondements et méthodes


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Articles de presse

5.Maruani, G. (2006). L’avenir de la psychothérapie. Psychothérapies, 26, 2 : 115-117. revue Psychothérapies

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George Downing (2001): Bodies & Motion. Heller, M. (ed.): The Flesh of the Soul: the body we work with. Bern: Peter Lang, pp. 9 - 31.

Lingua Franca, Septembre 1997. Daniel Zalewski: Written on the face. Zelewski mentions our suicide research in his review of the volume edited by Ekman & Rosenberg: What the Face Reveals, Oxford University Press. We are one of the authors of the volume on which positive comments are written.

The Medical Tribune, No 41, October 1994 published a one page description on the suicide project of the Laboratory on Affect and Communication.