Michael Coster Heller
Psychotherapist, Lausanne
Flesh of the Soul
The body we work with
Bern: Peter Lang, 2001
Body Psychotherapy:
history, concepts & methods
New York: W.W. Norton, 2012
Psychothérapies corporelles
Fondements et pratiques
Louvain: DeBoeck, 2008
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La méduse ou le monde reichien de Gerda Boyesen
Book in French on the neoreichian jellyfish exercises, published by Les Éditions Biodynamiques en 2017. can be ordered at : APPB,1400 Chemin de Moulares 34000 Montpellier contact@appb.org

Managing stress in moments of crisis
2 post training cours given at the EESP of Lausanne. for more information: http://www.eesp.ch/formation-continue/formations-courtes/

The common ground in body psychotherapy: A conversation with Michael C. Heller, PhD
Eichhorn, N. (2016). The common ground in body psychotherapy: A conversation with Michael C. Heller, PhD. Somatic Psychotherapy Today 6(1), 108-110.

As man thrived in different regions of the globe, increased in number, establish himself in society with fellow creatures, and finally,
progressed and became civilized, his delights, his needs, increased and became more and more diversified ; he developed increasingly varied ways of relating to the society he lived in, which, among other things, generated increasingly complex his personal interests. His inclinations subdivided endlessly, generated new needs that activate themselves beyond the scope of his awareness. These grew into a huge mass of links that control nearly every part of him, without him being able to perceive it. (Lamarck, Histoire Naturelle des Animaux sans Vertèbres, vol. 1, 1815 : 278). Translated by Marcel Duclos and Michael Heller

Without god or devil, a free man, alone responsible of his acts, masters neither his desires nor his needs
Paul Valéry: My Faust

Serge Prengel's interviews Michel Heller on his French book on body psychotherapies
Michael describes his approach of body psychotherapies that guided him when he wrote his book on body psychotherapies published by DeBoeck. http://www.aqualide.com/upload/texte/text83.mp3

Michael Heller: Reflecting on body psychotherapy, its history, concepts & methods
Interview in English with Serge Prengel on my psychotherapeutic work: http://somaticperspectives.com/2013/01/heller/

Interview: An Overview of Body Psychotherapy with Michael Heller by Dr Dave
Interview on the book I published with W.W. Norton, on Shrink Rap Radio: http://www.shrinkrapradio.com/2012/11/16/326-an-overview-of-body-psychotherapy-with-michael-heller-phd/